The ALCOR Group is an industrial group whose objective is to set up and develop technological companies in various Automotive, Industry and Health sectors.

It currently has several companies which are divided into three areas of business.


The Alcor Group is an industrial group whose objective is to set up and develop technological companies in the most progressive industrial markets, offering its customers solutions to improve their business and which give society access to services that are sustainable in the future.


To be an industrial group which, based on innovation, efficiency and respect, creates value in a sustainable way in order for society to progress as a whole. As a Group, its vision is to invest in companies with a significant technological and innovative quality in leading R&D&I sectors.

It will attach greater importance to higher added value contributions for society as a whole and for its customers in particular, backing the most reliable and effective technological innovations with the highest added value.


The Alcor Group undertakes and demands that its teams maintain a strong commitment to the values which are established in a set of corporate policies, regulations and internal control processes:

With our customers:
Striving to offer customers solutions and services that always honour any commitments undertaken.

With individuals:
Backing and believing in our teams so that they can successfully develop their full professional capacity in an environment of freedom, where their initiatives are valued and supported. This allows us to offer a better service to our customers, who are the main focus of our Group.

With ethical principles:
The company and its workers must observe the most important ethical principles accepted by society and legislation at all times.

With quality and innovation:
Always giving priority to service solutions that strictly respect quality, the environment and the surroundings.

The ALCOR Group begins its activity in 2 areas of business which it continues to develop today: The Automotive and Aeronautical industries.
The Group is initially set up with the purchase of automotive company SALJOAR and with the founding of a new company in the aeronautical sector, SK 10.



Polux is established in Pamplona to assist the main customer located there, as well as to enhance business opportunities owing to the hub of automotive companies in the area.

Alcor starts to expand in Andalusia in order to provide services to two large aeronautical companies, CASA and Airbus, setting up tier 1 Alestis Aerospace.



In 2004, Alcor becomes a TMI shareholder so as to have more control over robot cell design work for the manufacturing of vehicle parts.
The company then fully becomes part of Alcor.

The company MIZAR is set up, a key reference in additive manufacturing in Spain.



It becomes a shareholder of eMedica, one of the top companies in Spain.

eMedica develops software in the field of medical imaging for analysis, diagnostic and planning processes in various medical specialities such as vascular, oncology and knee.

Purchase of FM Control, specialist and one of the top companies in Spain in the sale of fluoroscopy parts for the medical sector.

It becomes part of the capital of the firm Karten Space to set up the first Spanish company whose objective is to position a constellation of nanosatellites to observe and interpret images of the Earth.



The companies of the automotive industry are merged under the name of Atik Automotive.

FM Control, Mizar Additive and eMedica are merged by absorption into Mizar Health S.L.


The Alcor Group is a holding company which in turn provides services to the companies of the Group in certain fields (financial, legal, tax, etc.), but which does not carry out any industrial activity. Each company therefore fully manages its own activity.