ALCOR Group begins its activity in 1994 in two business areas in which not only maintains but also continous to develop: Automotive and Aeronautics.

Group's activity begins with the purchase of an automotive's company (Saljoar) and with the creation of a new company belonged to the aeronautic field (SK10).
In 1999 Polux is created, in Pamplona, because of the number of automotive's companies establish in this area.

  • In 2003 the Group begans its expansion in Andalucía with the target of given service to the two biggest spanish aeronautic companies, situated majorly in Andalucía, CASA and Airbus.
  • In 2004 the Group gets in TMI's shareholders to be able to have a biggest control on the robotic cell design, used in the manufacture of automotive components.  Later on the company became part of Alcor in its entirety.
  • In 2011 Mizar is created to lead the projects related to the layout design and lean manufacturing projects in industrial plants.

Alcor Group is a patrimonial company that also gives a service to all the companies of the Group in some fields (financial, legal, fiscal,…) but it has not industrial activity.
In that way, in the rest of the fields, each company has its own management.

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