Logotipo Atik

In 2020, the three companies belonging to the automotive sector in the group, Saljoar, Polux and TMI, merged into a new brand: ATIK AUTOMOTIVE.
ATIK AUTOMOTIVE supplies metal parts for the automotive sector and other industrial and technological fields.
ATIK AUTOMOTIVE is also an expert in the manufacturing of special machines, including transfer machines, welding cells and the most modern hydroforming systems.

Tubos de escape

Lastly, from POLUX ATIK AUTOMOTIVE acquires the capacity to provide parts and components for vehicle exhaust systems and for other industrial and technological sectors.

Our technological potential, backed by the experience of both our human resources and the Group, means we are able to manufacture complex parts that boast a high level of quality and at very competitive prices in order to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Logotipo Skat

Business unit devoted to the manufacturing of energy production and storage systems, as well as battery management systems. We also offer Engineering, Research, Development and Innovation services for various processes.