Logotipo Mizar Health

With state-of-the-art machines and a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals, at Mizar Health we develop bespoke medical solutions. These include surgical planning for each intervention, the design and manufacturing of polyamide and polyjet biomodels, rip fences, milling and punctures, as well as personalised plaques for various specialities such as oncology, traumatology, neurosurgery,
maxillofacial, teaching, etc.

For over 3 decades, FM Control has been creating various devices that capture images of the human body to diagnose and monitor diseases and injuries.

We are the only manufacturer of fluoroscopes (mini C-arm) in Europe, meaning we are one of the top companies in the traumatology and orthopaedic surgery sectors.

We also distribute other mobile X-ray equipment which is especially useful for early detection and monitoring of chest injuries such as those caused by COVID-19.

We also sell various surgical instruments.

Logotipo eMedica

At eMedica we develop software in the field of medical imaging for analysis, diagnostic and planning processes in various medical specialities.

eMedica is specialised in the development of flexible technological solutions which are integrated into other devices and software tools in order to be used by surgeons and radiologists.